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Top 100 Minecraft Servers

Name Short Description

PixelmonCraft Favicon

Are you a fan of Minecraft? Are you a fan of Pokemon? Then you are in the right place! Pixelmoncraft combines the two and on our player friendly server ...
37/1000 2360

Gearblock Survival Favicon
Gearblock Survival

Gearblock Survival Server is a Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server geared towards vanilla Minecraft survival with a few fun tweaks that still stick true to th...
12/69 645

Crafting Sword Favicon
Crafting Sword

Crafting Sword - 1.10 a 1.16 ** Servidor 100% survival - Para quem gosta de Minecraft raiz! +Sobre o servidor: Sem LAG Disponível para jogar ...
11/300 68

AbsolutMC Favicon

Olá pessoal apresento a vocês o AbsolutMC - Survival! Servidor para você que curte jogar e curti a simplicidade do jogo porem, aqui alem de ter os...
2/40 46

Crunchy Cafe Favicon
Crunchy Cafe

Welcome To The Crunchy Cafe KitPvp - Survival - Skyblock - Pixelmon - Creative - Anarchy Minecraft 1.16.1 We are a simple survival server. Our ma...
0/1 17

UprisingNetwork Favicon

89871/110000 15


ZENITH is a Towny War server with many features! We have even have a dynamic map! We have a large community on Discord that you can check out as well! W...
1/100 7

DivineTowny Favicon

Welcome: Divine Towny is a 1.15.2 survival server, dedicated to providing the best gameplay for our players. Rank up through 21 in-game ranks by earn...
21/200 4

EagleMC Favicon

EagleMC is current a Skyblock server. We run 1.8-1.12.2! Were looking to build a big community in the future. Were also adding prison in the future. We ...
0/100 3

SupremeGames Favicon

Supremegames, build up your community, vote for new gamemodes, invite your friend, buy a cool rank for more features and have fun on one of our brand ne...
0/0 2

RupticMC | Augmented Triad! Favicon
RupticMC | Augmented Triad!

Our server is dedicated to improving our players' gameplay by enhancing the regular Minecraft enviroment, we did this by adding custom plugins such ...
7/200 2

Gates of Aevony 1.13.2 Favicon
Gates of Aevony 1.13.2

Gates of Aevony [br] IP: [br] Website: [br] Gates of Aevony is a Minecraft community with friendly people oriente...
1/100 2

Liweth Favicon

Features: Skills Spells, passive and active. You get 1 skill point with every level up. You get 10 from start. Go to trainer for training skills....
1/80 2

TownyRealm 1.15.2 Favicon
TownyRealm 1.15.2

Our friendly community offers a unique Towny experience, with custom ranks, jobs, and a player-central economy. We strive to bring a relaxing, enjoyable...
0/20 2

Minestar Network Favicon
Minestar Network

We pride ourselves on offering players everywhere one of the best Minecraft experiences! At Minestar Network we promise to offer you, the player, legiti...
0/1 1

MothCraft Favicon

A small server trying to grow. We've got a network running with an economy, Residence, PvP games, Minigames, Boardgames, parkour, prizes, and surviv...
6/500 1

Urbani Slovar Favicon
Urbani Slovar

New Minecraft servers with Factions, Survival and many plugins you can find here. We use grief prevention, essentials and we aim to become no 1. network...
0/0 1

EpicGamers Network Favicon
EpicGamers Network

7/2020 1


servidor muy bien configurado con survival Op, parcelas, bosses, factions, 1vs1, bloodmoon y mucho mas ...
22/50 1 Favicon

[b]Welcome to YeuY.WtF server![/b][br] [br] This is a non-profit, near vanilla Minecraft server run by[br] a private personnel just for fun.[br] The...
0/40 0

Ulteria PvE Towny Favicon
Ulteria PvE Towny

Welcome to Ulterium Networks![br] [br] Enjoy a new Towny survival server with lots of great added features, such as [b]custom biomes, MCMMO, jobs and ...
0/20 0


BLAZEVORTEX Factions like it used to be in the good old days created by someone who loves Factions and played it since 2013. BlazeVortex has been run...
1/2020 0

Pendulum Survival  | 1.13.2 Favicon
Pendulum Survival | 1.13.2

Welcome to Pendulum Survival! Now, you've joined Pendulum Survival. The server is not like any ordinary server, there are many things you may hav...
0/200 0

SickCraft Favicon

6/2020 0

VoltSiege Favicon

Welcome to VoltSiege! We are currently accepting roles for players to help us out. Check the website for more information. I do plan to put lots of effo...
0/1 0

Fallen Realms Favicon
Fallen Realms

When there is a rise, there is a fall... There were once 7 great kingdoms in the realm, but there was also greed in the realm alongside these great king...
1/100 0

Minecraft.Monster | PrisonRP Ser Favicon
Minecraft.Monster | PrisonRP Ser

Minecraft.Monster Or PrisonRP.UK is a minecraft prison server like no other our server is not based around the normal play style or aspect of tradition...
0/-1 0

IcedMC Favicon

0/1000 0

Helheim Anarchy [1.15.2] Favicon
Helheim Anarchy [1.15.2]

IP: Created february 2020. Server difficulty is Hard. The goal is to provide gameplay most true to Minecraft at its core and to pus...
0/30 0

ElysianCraft Favicon

Server IP(Join the discord to be notified!) - [​Custom Domain Coming Soon] ElysianCraft is a survival server that strives to keep the...
0/1 0

PrisonKraft Favicon

PrisonKraft is a roleplaying prison server. Starting off as the lowest rank, you're working your way up to the last rank to prestige and earn even g...
0/80 0

GodNetwork Favicon

..:: GodNetwork ::.. Rede de servidores de PvP 1.8.x - KitPvP - HG Hospedagem Brasileira...
11/250 0

Ranked Network Favicon
Ranked Network

Brazilian minecraft server! Vips gratis no factions e vagas na staff! discord:
0/9500 0

Galaxy Factions Favicon
Galaxy Factions

ABOUT Galaxy Factions has quality factions were staff is friendly and on 24/7 so never expect to see hackers annoying you on a day to day bases. We ...
0/100 0