Top 100 Minecraft Servers
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Top 100 Minecraft Servers

Name Short Description

PixelmonCraft Favicon

Are you a fan of Minecraft? Are you a fan of Pokemon? Then you are in the right place! Pixelmoncraft combines the two and on our player friendly server ...
27/1000 908

Pixel Library Favicon
Pixel Library

Heya! We're a server aimed at a more mature audience. There is no age limit but the content also isn't always family friendly so keep this in mi...
3/50 184

RupticMC | Augmented Triad! Favicon
RupticMC | Augmented Triad!

Our server is dedicated to improving our players' gameplay by enhancing the regular Minecraft enviroment, we did this by adding custom plugins such ...
1/200 14

MatrixMC NETWORK Favicon

Welcome to the MatrixPvP! Home of MatrixFactions! Discord: Supported MC versions: 1.8.x - 1.12.2 ===================...
0/1000 7

Forgotten Realms Favicon
Forgotten Realms

Forgotten Realms is a custom all-around pack that lets you choose your path. Tech, magic, artifice, or all 3, you choose how you want to play in the For...
2/60 4

AelusenMC Favicon

AelusenMC is a RPG server like no other. Choose to follow one of Five Gods : Galidor, Forger of Worlds, Floreia the Life Binder, Time Lord Alegos, Vasha...
0/150 0

ChaosCrafter Favicon

Theme parks, theme parks and again: theme parks!...
0/100 0 Favicon

[b]Welcome to YeuY.WtF server![/b][br] [br] This is a non-profit, near vanilla Minecraft server run by[br] a private personnel just for fun.[br] The...
0/40 0

Storm Network Favicon
Storm Network

Storm Network is a fun server, we have loads off great game modes like survival, plots, skyblock and loads more....
0/250 0

UprisingNetwork Favicon

39065/65000 0

Minestar Network Favicon
Minestar Network

We pride ourselves on offering players everywhere one of the best Minecraft experiences! At Minestar Network we promise to offer you, the player, legiti...
1/3 0


BLAZEVORTEX Factions like it used to be in the good old days created by someone who loves Factions and played it since 2013. BlazeVortex has been run...
0/500 0

Pendulum Survival  | 1.13.2 Favicon
Pendulum Survival | 1.13.2

Welcome to Pendulum Survival! Now, you've joined Pendulum Survival. The server is not like any ordinary server, there are many things you may hav...
0/100 0

Gates of Aevony 1.13.2 Favicon
Gates of Aevony 1.13.2

Gates of Aevony [br] IP: [br] Website: [br] Gates of Aevony is a Minecraft community with friendly people oriente...
0/100 0

SickCraft Favicon

12/250 0

MothCraft Favicon

A small server trying to grow. We've got a network running with an economy, Residence, PvP games, Minigames, Boardgames, parkour, prizes, and surviv...
2/500 0

MC-Guilds Factions Favicon
MC-Guilds Factions

MC-Guilds is a factions server that implements many different features to allow for various approaches towards faction gameplay. Features such as RankUp...
26/150 0

VoltPvP Favicon

An HCFactions network. VoltPvP is a small community, the network is owned by Nykorrin and Randomizable. A full release of HCFaction is soon... Practice ...
0/1000 0

SyncCraft 2.0 Favicon
SyncCraft 2.0

Join our Discord at Hello! It seems you've stumbled across our server, so why not take a few minutes to read about what it...
0/40 0

VoltSiege Favicon

Welcome to VoltSiege! We are currently accepting roles for players to help us out. Check the website for more information. I do plan to put lots of effo...
0/1 0

Nightarchy - Unlimited Anarchy Favicon
Nightarchy - Unlimited Anarchy

Nightarchy is a new anarchy server looking to provide a lag free experience in a never ending world with no borders or rules....
2/2000 0

Reformium Favicon

Reformium is a no pay to win all ranks can be earned through game play we have 24 ranks to progress through and loads of unquie plugin start you adventu...
0/2000 0

VentusMC Favicon

VentusMC. A new and unique factions server with dedicated hosting meaning that the pesky lag you experience from other servers will never follow you her...
0/100 0

Urbani Slovar Favicon
Urbani Slovar

New Minecraft servers with Factions, Survival and many plugins you can find here. We use grief prevention, essentials and we aim to become no 1. network...
297/2020 0 Favicon

1SO is a public Minecraft server. No whitelist and we have a lot of custom features on different Minecraft servers like skyblock, survival, prison, eggw...
45/200 0

AlicePopkorn Favicon

Another open Minecraft server. No whitelist and we have a lot of custom features on different Minecraft servers like factions, survival, prison, skywars...
0/20 0 Favicon

This is a open Minecraft server. Anyone can join and we have a lot of unique features on various Minecraft servers like factions, survival, prison, eggw...
27/500 0

RLCraft Favicon

RLCraft is a modpack that is meant to make your life very difficult....
9/100 0

B2Pconnections Favicon

Another public Minecraft server. No whitelist and we have a lot of custom features on different Minecraft servers like skyblock, survival, skygrid, skyw...
263/3000 0

Bengawan Favicon

Just another public Minecraft server. Anyone can join and we have a lot of unique features on different Minecraft servers like factions, creative, priso...
107/250 0

PokePals Favicon

PokePals Server is a wonderful server for those who want a Minecraft and Pixelmon experience with a wonderful community of helpful players and staff mem...
0/144 0