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Welcome to Pixel Library, a server aimed at a more mature audience. Our goal is to bring vanilla Minecraft and Pixelmon together, adding survival possibilities but keeping all the Pixelmon fun. We have created a mature and welcoming community, with a great staffteam to help out with questions and events. While you’re filling your Pokédex and hunting for legendaries, make new friends during our regular game sessions, including our custom Bingo plugin, build battle, boat racing, parkour, bowshooting and ofcourse, Pokémon battle tournaments with great rewards!


The Pixelmon options we have, among other things:
  • Breeding environments are turned off, which means that breeding is easily accessible for everyone.
  • Free /checkspawns legendary, /pokeheal and /pc
  • Pokédex rewards
  • Gyms
  • A free training area with EV training Pokémon and EXP trainers
  • GTS, wondertrade,
  • After 72 hours of playing you get a free playtime rank with /nv, /craft, /ec and /anvil
  • Kits (so make sure to do /kits when you come online for the first time)
  • Shiny starters
  • Option to sell Pokémon to the server
  • Will be added soon: Safari

  • The vanilla options we have on the server:
  • Zombie spawners underground work (so be careful when you’re caving)
  • Hunger is enabled
  • Veinminer
  • Several farms, including endermen, skeletons, trees, wool
  • A creative world to try out things

  • Note: We're using the Pixelmon Reforged modpack. You can download the Technic Launcher, install the reforged modpack and then add the server IP to the server list to come and play.

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